by Prospects

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released April 1, 2012

Recorded and Mastered by Justin Rederer



all rights reserved


Prospects Streamwood, Illinois

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Track Name: Enemy
All you in this town
Have your judgements
I will bury all of you

Fuck all this hate around me
Fuck you
You think you're better than me?

I have a life i'd like to show you
Testing the waters of my future

This is the time
To make things right
But now I leave you to die

All this constant fucking failure surrounds me
It surrounds me

I've given up, I hate everyone
You are my enemy

You're just a fucking prick who fucked up everything
You're just a fucking mess who fucked up everything
Track Name: The Anchor
We are all that's standing
Can't we just put this behind us?
You said I wasn't always there
I'm asking for a chance(Just give me a chance)

Keep your fucking opinions to yourself
Just stay the fuck away from me

I can't bare this weight anymore
My feelings are the anchor
That slows me down

You are the anchor
That slows me down

Keep me in mind
(Just remember to)
Keep me in mind
(You're only slowing me down)
Track Name: Supplier
I have no remorse
For your kind
All this is for nothing
Your body's giving in
On everything you do

Where's everything they sold to you?
All this hate

We all know
You're a waste of life
Only out for yourself

You left behind
A broken life
Now I am here
To fuck with you

Now I can't save my friends you've taken from me

So give it all away
You fucking devil
I won't drift away
I'll make you fucking pay
Track Name: Complainer
Now you're in disguise
As another

Run so far away
You're not the same

Where are you?
You were never there

Keep my name through your lungs
It's all you know to do
Track Name: Dent
How am I filled with this hatred?
Take bigger steps to cover the truth
Fuck you
I hope you never open your mouth again

Your truths turn to rust

Now I make
Every move that you make

I won't be there
To watch you
Destroy yourself
I'll put you in your place

All you've been taking from me
(Disappoints me)

I'll put you in your place

And I know it's true
I've seen it in you
Fucking prick
Remember this