Problem of Evil EP

by Prospects

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"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" - Epicurus


released November 28, 2013

Engineered and Mixed by Sam Bottner.
Mastered by Ryan Harvey.
Artwork by Jon Taylor.



all rights reserved


Prospects Streamwood, Illinois

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Track Name: Perish Without Guidance
The way life is
It ruins me
I'm ready to die here
The sick and suffering
Will perish without your guidance

The sick lead me
The frail beings
Left here to dig dirt

Only on earth
Could these problems
Become a way of living

I hate the way that I think
I hate the way that I feel
I don't even feel real anymore

I'm not sane anymore
When death surrounds me

You tore me from the womb
Bleeding, screaming
Begging for a chance

False prophets will surround you
Nothing is true

I'm not losing anyone anymore

Just go and shoot me
Through the fucking head
Blow through my memories
Blow me away
Track Name: Where It Rains Everyday
Sell your rights
No respect for human life
Humanity at a standstill
Like morning traffic

Could I ask you
To take my life?
Could I ask you
To put me underground?

Deliver injustice
Without a flinching eye
Words will be preserved
To document lies

Made here through shallow minds
I don't feel your pain
Because it wasn't me, right?

Life grows old
Until my final days
Will I ever be moved by your thoughts?
Will I ever see through to your thoughts?

This is a world
Where it rains everyday
This life is a punishment
Track Name: Gift (Ft. Aria Yavarinejad)
I wish that life
Could last a moment
Undo all wrongs
With a single second

Of gratitude
Try to find some breathing room

And everyday changes
My perception
My light won't shine bright
I don't love myself

Or anyone else

Not like the days
Where we fear
Of growing old
I still do
Every moment is a gift

The only happiness
In this life
Was walking by your side
Now I hear the rain falling

I could hold your hand
And pretend that
Life isn't what it seems
But what you have
Cannot be had
Without the gift
That struggle brings
Track Name: Swarm of Flies
Always steering yourself
Towards a dim bulb
In a dead world
Feeding on the negativity

Everything that builds up
Makes me a worse person

I'd trade it all away
For a sense of clarity
That I won't leave this world
In a bag

With flies feeding on my head

There's a hole in my brain
From every lie you fed to me
From every moment
You spent with me

This world hungers
For death and despair
Your pain is noted
Everyday will just get worse

What's the point
In fighting for what is right?

Every single day
Life aims to make you hurt

Life makes you hurt